Kill Clipper Tool


This tool clips a long recording into smaller clips based on your in program settings and a killboard pulled from the Planetside 2 API.

Download “Kill Clipper Tool” – Downloaded 53 times – 230 MB


In Open Broadcasting Software settings, set your Filename Formatting to

%CCYY-%MM-%DD %hh-%mm-%ss %z

otherwise the program (currently) won’t accept your recording. It only accepts mp4s, OBS comes with tools to convert your videos recorded in other formats to mp4 so it shouldn’t be a problem.


Add, Remove, temporarily disable/enable characters in the upper half of the first screen. The currently enabled characters’ killboards will be pulled when generating the clips from a recording. The character info is stored locally in the settings.xml file.

Select a recording with the Open button and hit Next. In the player view the buttons on the lower bar are as follows (left to right): play/pause, 1 second back/forward, 1 frame back/forward, seek to previous/next kill, previous/next sync target.

The sync stuff is for cases where there is a delay on when OBS creates a file and actually starts outputting to it, so the killboard data needs to be manually synced to the video, hit up discord if you have this issue and need help with figuring out syncing. Most of the time though it shouldn’t be a problem.

You can set the preceding and trailing seconds per kill in the settings popup. If there’s overlap between kills they’ll go in the same clip. The quick mode handles the clipping process much faster, but introduces video artifacts at the start of clips – they won’t be a problem if you use the clips separately to edit together a video since you can cut those parts out, but if you’re using the combined mode (combines all the clips to one video) you might want to disable quick mode. There is currently no hardware acceleration so the laborious rendering is done in the CPU which can put some strain on your system so be aware of that.

In this view, you can scrub through your recording’s timeline, the green lines being kills on it (currently the program treats teamkills as kills, live free in the NC). To generate the clips you can hit the Generate button. Choose an empty folder as your output location and hit Start in the next view.

The output folder’s contents should look something like this. The format is “clip_n_xk” where n is the nth clip chronologically in your recording and x is the amount of kills within that clip.


There’s lots of jankiness in the program that I’m aware of, like if the play/pause button isn’t the first thing you click in the player the video just won’t play when you later click that button… it’s janky but it has worked for me alright for a long time, since 2019 in fact.

I originally started writing this program as a thank you to BWAE for teaching me how to fight like a real bushido warrior. They do coaching based on your gameplay recordings and this program would’ve been a way to trim some fat off of those recordings to save the coaches’ time.

I never published it though because of Impostor Syndrome I suppose, but I’ve been quietly using it to clip my own recordings all this time. Thanks to Myian for the encouragement to get it out to the public. Hopefully it will be useful to you in whatever way you choose to use it.